January 7th, 2008



yes. Very much so.

This icon is by shalowater I like her icons very much.

Working on the Steven King challenge thing. 9,762 words. Lotta words. My stories are making me cry. But not in a good way. See? Very sad.

The weather here in South Jersey is very warm. It's kind of odd. I took down Christmas decorations wearing a tee-shirt. Well, and pants of course, my neighborhood isn't that liberal. I took my perfect tree to the curb. It still smelled great. It was a good tree. The giant poinsettia still looks incredible, and considering that it's living with me, this is a miracle. I'll be sad when it dies, and yes, it's going to die. No tips on keeping a poinsettia for eternity. I don't care.

I'm contemplating moving my dad from the nearly unaffordable place he's living in now to a place we can afford. I've done some research and apparentally, no such thing exists. He could live here with us, but then again, I could also stab myself in the brain and save us all a lot of trouble.

I miss my Clitney. Who else is writing it beside me and supercaptain182? Who's writing the Brex? Why is everyone writing Bruce/Clark?

I'm so grumpy....

ETA: I'm a little less grumpy now, thank you myownghost so please let me say that it's not that I don't like Clark/Bruce, I've read wonderful stories with the two--I'm enjoying theclexfactor's excellent series, and jen_in_japan's incredible stories. It's just...once upon a time Brex ruled the land, and I miss those days. *sighs, lifts her enormous head up and waves her tiny arms about. "where are you, my sisters, where have you gone?"...stumbles into the tarpit...*