January 9th, 2008


A gift!! For me!!

My friends, I know how wrong it is to whine and whimper in public. It's wrong to beg for sympathy. But I gotta tell you guys, sometimes it pays off pretty big!

See, myownghost was moved by my piteous whining for Clitney to write this little ficlet, just to shut me up to make me happy! This she tells me, she just tossed off at the spur of the moment, so it's unbetaed, (betad? beteaded?) and I should only be so good as to do something like this off the top of my head! I loved it so much I asked if I could share and she was kind enough to let me, so if you like it, please let her know here! (this has nothing to do with my insidious plan to get the whole world writing just for me….mmmmmmmm…heaven…) I'm leaving it just the way she wrote it because I like it like that. 

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