January 12th, 2008


Blabby Flavored Recs

Tell me I'm not the only one who read Kingdom Come and wanted to write Billy Batson/Lex Luthor non-con? Hmmm? Oh come on!

Here's what I've been reading lately, from the ridiculous, to the sublime!

First of all, the ridiculous: lexophilia's Crack Nation

Okay, she's not kidding, this is purest crack. This is SV rock. It's crazy, wild and silly as shit and I love it!

And just to show you that, yes, I really do read Bruce/Clark and love it, rose_etta posted a little fic I loved—mind you, there's a tasty bit of Lex in there too, but that's not the whole reason I like it! She has a way of catering to my kinks! The Spectrum of Gray

In the same vein but very much sweeter, there's this lovely fic by theclexfactor. It has two things I love, young Clark and young Bruce. There's something about these guys as kids that makes me so happy. She does a wonderful job of writing them young, but still *them*, you know? It's Black & Blue

This one here, this one here is happy making in the extreme! Do you like Smallville? Do you like Firefly? Ever since I read Things I Cannot Change by emeraldsedai (who is probably sick and tired of me talking about it after all these years) I've wanted, no lusted after, another SV/Firefly x-over as good as that. danceswithgary has finally given me a fresh fix. This fic centers on Lex/Clark, but she captures the feel of Serenity so very well, and uses the verse to excellent effect. It's The Rarer Action and it's a great read!

This last quick rec is SpN, and it's by ladyjanelly and it's a heartbreaker. It's completely fascinating, and AU (you know I love my AU's) and it's called In From The Cold. Some of you non-SpN tolerant folks might remember her all too, too brief foray into SV. *sadsigh* She does write these incredible SpN Aus…*happysigh*

By the way, digitalwave made a beautiful cover for this fic, too: in from the cold

So, that's what I'm reading, well that and goth_clark's Freak4ever lj entries, right here: freak4ever Hooked like a trout, I'm telling you!

So, that's just part of what I'm reading, whilst poking away at my stuff. I hope it's okay to rec you guys here. Apologies to anyone who'd rather I didn’t—let me know and I'll fix it! And thanks for entertaining me so well! (cause we all know, world+roxy=allaboutme)
Now to catch up on folks I'm terribly behind on with no excuse at all! You know who I'm talking to--*flings herself at you and begs forgiveness*