January 17th, 2008


2007 fic list

Because it's a good idea, I'm doing the list of fics for the year. This is for Smallville only, I'll do a separate list for other SpN and the two little DCU fics I wrote in 2007. The lists are a good idea for everyone to do. It's surprising how much you miss even though you'd swear you were on other folks LJs like crazed stalkers.

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I have such shame for my self!! I am overcome with the knowledge of my shallowy-ness. I've been writing up a storm, oy, like you wouldn't believe and I'm missing feedback. It's true, it is like crack. So much like crack! I keep wanting to post bits just to hear someone say, hey, not bad. *wiggles*

OT, do you know what's better than sex? Nah, me either. :)

Next week, Target plans to suck my hearts blood, so I probably won't be here much. I mean, I'll seem even lurkier than usual. no, no, not to cry...I'm crying enough for you. *sigh*

And by the way, not to be a bad person, but that Bella and her Joker lips. grrrrr..but I haven't liked her since she shot my boy.