January 18th, 2008


well now then there

Y'know, being fatally stalled on a fic makes it easy to read everybody else's stuff. I've been floating here and there, like a gigantic bumble bee, landing on this delicious flower, then landing on that one...you know, if you try hard to picture it, it gets reeeeeeeelly scary. Me all giant and slightly fuzzier than real life--(it's winter, I don't shave.) hanging over your fic frantically beating my little wings-*shudder* Creeped myself out!

Also, a question for SGA folks--why do wraiths have tits? I'm kindasorta watching and it strikes me--are they mammals? I'll tell you what they *are*--campy as hell.

Be warned-I'm in a spammy mood tonight! *waggles butt--buzzes around room*


behold my buzzy butt, courtesty of kyanoswolf! Cute, no? *waggles some more*

I was just over at sv_fanfic reading tragicllyhip's update to Prep. What a lovely surprise that was. I've been thinking about that story a lot lately, and missing Excelsior fic all together. It's been a damn good week for reading, yay!

And now, I really should get Lex to drag Clark's body out of Martha's root cellar and bury the poor thing. tsk.

*evol laughter*