January 25th, 2008


proud momma!

This is something I've been meaning to do forever--see, it's not just with you guys that I suck.

This is a piece of original fiction that my niece is kind enough to let me post here, and I happen to think it's excellent. I had the great joy of audiencing for her. (Hey, I'm absolutely a crap beta, but I can audience the hell out of something. *G*) so I got to see it grow. The link will take you to the Philadelphia City Paper, and the contest she won. The prize was having her story featured. She is really brilliant, IMHO.

City Girl

the last comment on the story? is her boyfriend. For reals boyfriend. lol!

If you read it, please drop her a comment, there or here at my LJ. Let's give her lots of cookies, and maybe she'll write me that Angel/Brian crossover I've been begging her for forever!

Note by the Neice

Thank you, all you wonderful people, who commented here, on my Auntie Evol's journal, or on the website regarding my story, City Girl. Thanks for the mindbogglingly nice things you said about my writing. Truth is, I've got this monkey chained in a closet that I whip until he produces a piece of fiction tolerable enough for me to put my name on it. I'll tell ya, all that whipping is hard work. You all know what I'm talking about. I know you know what I'm talking about...I know what you saucy broads write.

Anyway, the monkey is very happy that his writing was so well recieved. He couldn't have imagined such a niceness, considering the amount of abuse heaped upon him daily.

On behalf of Esteban and myself, THANKS!

smell that? it's victory! or maybe popcorn....

*Confetti, confetti, confetti*

finally! I'm over the hump--I got that killer bit squared away,and now, I'm ready to go forward! This would be even better if it was the Steven King challenge, but hey, things come together eventually, right? I even kind of have a finish to Young Kryptonian, it's pure shit right now, but eventually I'll figure that out too, right? Right? *wibble*

Anyhoo, there might actually be fic in this spot ratcher. Maybe. *g* It's been kind of nice not to have to worry about anything but reading lately.