January 29th, 2008


help me, my friends!

I need music for the apocalypse—can you suggest songs? Any thing, any type of music. What says the end of the world to you? It doesn't have to specifically say, 'lordhelpmehavemercy, it's the end of the world, we're all fucked'—Lou Reed's Berlin album puts me in the mood to write deeply angsty,' it's all over' kind of stuff and it's basically just an album long account of a nasty breakup.

I need a soundtrack for my King Challenge, (I have a title—see how I restrained myself from saying "I has title?" hmm? Yeessss…) I need it also for my SpN fic that I'm working on at the speed of glaciers mating. But, it's wonderful in my head. *grin*

Here's a bit>> A coyote trots past the car, and stops to look inside. Dean is sound asleep, his mouth a little slack, wet…Coyote shakes his head. Shame. It sits and its mouth lolls open, laughing. Funny boys. Good company though.

*snort* seriously, it's going to be fun….

So! *rubs paws* Help a sister out?

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oh geeze--my last couple of posts are all about wanting stuff. *is all embarrassed*

btw, I'm off tomorrow, I'm gooooinnng tooo spam yoooouuu...
"I saw a squirrel, and it was going like this--"