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catch up weekend!
This weekend, I want to catch up all the fics I've missed updates for--like out_there's brilliant Matt/Mohinder Moms series--it's wonderful and totally sold me on Matt/Mohinder&Molly as a happy family. I *LOVE* this pairing! :)

So, I am behind on many stories I love, and you know why? Because I'm posting the fic, and the minute I start posting, and writing, I get behind on other folk's stuff, or there are stories I can't read because they're too close to what I'm writing, or if I read their story, it points out to me how much I suck, and then there is the weeping, and sighing and the throwing of unbreakable stuffs. Sometimes a little screaming of "I suck! And not in the good way, and besides, I suck at the good way too--oh. Goodness, are you still there? *koff*

Where was I? Ah, right--the loss of freedom when you start posting fic. Maybe it's just me. Probably it's just me. And in conclusion, I love you guys.
Come on, everyone gather together, it's that time! Group hug!! And this time--no inappropiate touching, I promise!

Self Pimp!
Heh--I typed that as self pump...*G*

So, on to the pimping! Ready for a new WIP? sure you are! I've been talking about it non-stop for a few weeks now, and even showed you the cover designed and created by danceswithgary I will show you it again to make you even more curious about this mysterious East of The Sun, that I have been talking about non-stop.

Behind the cut is a beautiful cover!

Soon soon beloved I will post it here. It'll be fun, trust me. Drama, the occasional snicker, sex, a little angst, a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants....