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GAAAAARRR!!! Curse you, you Clark/Bruce shippers you! Sneaking under my defenses and filling me with bad thoughts!!! Making me talk like a pirate! *makes sign of cross and spits over shoulder*

Say, I was just watching the Grammys....what? So I'm no good at segues. And I'm horrified at how much alike me and Aretha look. (except for my natty silver locks) Damn. At least I have better sense than to come out in public wearing my bedsheets. Poor brave little string trying to hold up all that fabric. *sniff, wipes eyes* Ah, Stringy, we hardly knew ye. And that was the entirety of my Grammy experience.

SV fic post:Out Of A Foreign Land part 5
Title:: Out Of A Foreign Land
Author:: Roxy
Pairings/Characters:: Lex/Clark
Rating:: varying to nc-17
Word Count::
Summary:: Captain Trips has destroyed his world, but gives Lex one more chance to alter fate.
Notes:: written as an answer to the sv_renaissance "Steven King Challenge" 2008

This is one of two amazing covers that danceswithgary made for the story. Mind you, some high-pitched whining may have been involved. *koff*

behind this cut is the second cover!

Candlelight flickered from every flat surface...Collapse )
part 6