February 11th, 2008



Why can I not just finish anything? Why can I write non-stop, la-la-lah, until I get to the last few finishing scene and then...Pffft! Nothing! No forward movement! Why, it's like a constipation of the mind! The words are there, but they're not hooking up! It's like having a bowl of letters and nothing will gel! ick, letters in aspic...

Anyhoo. Had a mammogram today. That's why I'm home. :) Wow, it was kind of...not good. Yowch. This is all part of my program to start to take better care of myself. Of course, I'm supposed to be dieting and exercising but instead, I'm sitting here at my deskette every moment I get, typing porn and eating junk. Sure life is good, but geez, this chair was a lot bigger when I first bought it. *eyeballs shrinking chair* Terrible, the state of craftsmanship these days.

There's only three days until the Steven King challenge is due. There's been fantastic responses, ya'll really need to be over at sv_renaissance reading them. I'll post the last chapter of "Out Of" that day. Tonight, I'll probably start posting East Of The Sun, a WIP of unusual size.

sv fic:post: Out Of A Foreign Land part 6

Title:: Out Of A Foreign Land
Author:: Roxy
Pairings/Characters:: Lex/Clark
Rating:: varying to nc-17
Word Count::
Summary:: Captain Trips has destroyed his world, but gives Lex one more chance to alter fate.
Notes:: written as an answer to the sv_renaissance "Steven King Challenge" 2008

This is one of two amazing covers that danceswithgary made for the story. Mind you, some high-pitched whining may have been involved. *koff*

behind this cut is the second cover!

Collapse )

part 7