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Two more days--two more days and I'm so blocked! WTF?

You know, people, I've read more het in the last few days than I have in the entire--what--four years I've been here with ya'll? Hunh. That's pretty interesting. I've noticed that more and more folks coming into SV are not into slash--most of the posts to SV_fanfic lately are het. That's interesting, isn't it? Wonder why? Could it be that it's because they pretty much killed the Ho-yay ded on SV? We knew it was coming but I never expected it to be so...blech. Boring, weird, stupid, pick your word. Still, even in the face of writing that makes you go "Beeenh-hunh?" when the boys do get screen time together, there's always the tiniest little spark still there.

And as far as me--hey, they'll always be fucking in some corner of my mind.

Which makes it hard sometimes, when I'm shopping and stuff....

Doing My Bit To Keep The Ho-yay Coming....
...she said 'coming'--*snickersnicker*. Remember that lovely word, Ho-yay? I miss it. So cheerful--so full of the promise of hot yummy porn....I'm all overcome with nostalgia these days. That's what happens to you when you get old--the candy bars get smaller, the winters get less snowy, and the porn has less rimming....

So, here's a story that I promise you will contain lots of Clex, porn, angst, boy kissing and stuff like that as it meanders it's long-winded way to a conclusion, but those of you who know me aren't surprised by that at all. There will be Clex--as usual, I will take my sweet time getting to it. There will be OCs, I'm funny that way. And gosh it's AU--I know!

Many many thanks to danceswithgary for beta duty--if it's still riddled with bombs and wtfs that's entirely my fault--God knows she's trying. You guys know how I can be! *G* After all this yakking about it, I hope it's interesting to read!

so, step back with me to the 1930s, when men wore hats, and music was swinging....

East of the Sun part 1--nc-17Collapse )