February 15th, 2008


Thank you!

I went to look at the Valentine Meme, kind of slipped over like, 'oh gosh, I'm not looking for my name, just want to see my friends', sort of thing--*koff*

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sv fic post:Out Of A Foreign Land part 9

Title:: Out Of A Foreign Land
Author:: Roxy
Pairings/Characters:: Lex/Clark
Rating:: varying to nc-17
Word Count::
Summary:: Captain Trips has destroyed his world, but gives Lex one more chance to alter fate.
Notes:: written as an answer to the sv_renaissance "Steven King Challenge" 2008

This is one of two amazing covers that danceswithgary made for the story. Mind you, some high-pitched whining may have been involved. *koff*

behind this cut is the second cover!

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part 10

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I haven't answered comments on OOAFL(offal?) yet, but I will--balancing RL and LJ at the moment is kind of tricky--:( You know what I mean.
*hugs* Later!