February 16th, 2008


deep breath...SV fic post: Out Of A Foreign Land part 0f 10/10

Title:: Out Of A Foreign Land
Author:: Roxy
Pairings/Characters:: Lex/Clark
Rating:: varying to nc-17
Word Count:: 33,453
Summary:: Captain Trips has destroyed his world, but gives Lex one more chance to alter fate.
Notes:: written as an answer to the sv_renaissance "Steven King Challenge" 2008. The link will take you to wikipedia's entry for The Stand, and explain everything that I've left out of the story, hopefully make the ending sensible to those of you who don’t know the original story. And those of you who do. *g* The characters I've taken from the book are Mother Abigail, Stu Redman, and Trashcan Man('mutant' with missile.) And of course, Randall Flagg (the Dark Man). The character of Adam, I took from SV, and combined aspects of him with that of Julie Lawry and a pinch of The Kid. The nice parts of that character Adam were all from SV's Adam Knight, who underneath it all was a fairly decent guy.

Thanks so very much for taking the ride with me; I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Steven King's The Stand

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