February 27th, 2008



I have this idea for a SpN ficlet roaming in my head, making trouble. If I get this thing together certain of my beloveds should expect whining and shrill cries for help. I've wanted to write parts of this for a long time, I just wasn't sure how, but now I have this great hook and I'm kind of excited. Meanwhile, work on my apocafic continues at the pace of mountains being worn down by the beak of a tiny sparrow. Large parts of that inspiration went into my King Challenge but hey, it's perfectly alright to plagerize yourself, am I right?

Oookay--work out a new story line for apocafic. Rats. All I really know is, it's got to be gross,and funny. Not scary--just gross.

I'm having posting shyness, which leads to blabbyness. You know.

Let's have a picture!