February 28th, 2008


sv fic post: East of the Sun part 10

Title: East of the Sun

Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Lex/people, eventually clex

Word Count:2321

Summary: Lex learns about trust and love from an unlikely source.
Notes/Warnings: this is me putting the boys in my version of the swing era, just to see how pretty they look.

Many, many thanks to danceswithgary for beta duty, and the beautiful cover!

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Hey Everybuggy!!

I know--let's play a fun game--let's play 'Spot The Roxy' in my stories! Come on, you know you wanna do it!

So, how about you guys, ever put yourself in a story, ala Alfred Hitchcock, or Spike Lee? Or put your personal biz in a story? Man, I pretty much mine my life for fic. Just itty bitty bits, and, mostly boring stuff--I mean, *I've* never abused anyone with a kryptonite dildo. Pretty sure the rest of you haven't and if you have, no sharing. Why do I put myself in a story? Well, mostly because I'm an incredible smartass and also, it makes me laugh. I think anything that makes me laugh is a good thing.

Well, back to work again!