March 3rd, 2008


Hey Everybuggy!

I missed you guys today! Did you miss me? Yeah, I was out doing stuff. I went to dinner with a few co-workers. It was interesting, and dinner was good. I was thinking about my story almost the whole time, lol! We started talking about hobbies, and for once I didn't overshare, so I was proud of myself.

My mouth has no brakes, sometimes I say things that wake me up in the middle of the night and make me cringe. oy. And the next day, I do it again--*snort*.

Work continues to be the epic saga of one lone old lady trying to put clothing back on the racks so that the youth of America can put themselves in credit card debt before even graduating high school. I'm apparently expected to do the work of three people. As always, my response to that is a hearty kiss-my-ass-tra-la! Listen, you people who hang the clothes you try on back on the hangers and give them to the fitting room attendant--bless you. To those of you who hang them inside out and backwards--one of these days I'm going to follow you out to your cars and kick your fucking asses--I'm just sayin'.

So! *bright smile* How was *your* day?