March 5th, 2008


See my icon by sageness?

I love this icon. It makes me feel warm and happy. I remember when I was a little Roxy, coming home from the library with a ton of books and feeling rich! When we could go to a bookstore, it was like hitting the lottery, and whenever I could buy more than one book, I felt like a rich person.

I remember the library on the base we lived, how it smelled, and how dark it was all the time--the lights were always on, winter and summer. I loved that. The librarian, poor thing, put her foot in it more than once dealing with me. One time, she wouldn't let me check out the books I'd chosen because she said they were above my age. I'm sure she thought she was doing a good thing and my folks would be glad for it. heh. My mother had a fit when I told her. She made my dad drive her to the library with me in tow, and told the woman she had a nerve deciding what was right for her kid. My mom never checked to see what we were reading. (the whole stack was SF, by the way). Another time, the poor librarian tried to tell me I couldn't check out as many books as I'd chosen because I'd never read them all in a week. I think I had ten. Mom didn't like that either. Back to the library we went and little Miss Thing had no limit to the books she could check out.

You see why I'm like this? Spoiled rotten.

You'd think the poor woman would hate me after my mom telling her off, but no, she was nice to me, and when we moved, told me that she'd miss me.

We moved a bit being in the service, and the one thing you could count on was the library. There were always friends there, old friends and new ones. Good times, those, good times.


I hope she doesn't mind me blabbing on about this, but I'm reading tabaqui's Song Of The Treadmill, an SpN fic and it's incredible. I've been reading her stories for a bit--ever since I found this Thing Of Ours, and was devoted to BtVS. She writes this incredible Xander and Spike, oh man, and now she's writing the hell out of Dean and Sam. Anyhoo, I love this story. I love that girl.