March 6th, 2008


sv fic post: East of the Sun part 13

Title: East of the Sun

Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Lex/people, eventually clex

Word Count:1976

Summary: Lex learns about trust and love from an unlikely source.
Notes/Warnings: this is me putting the boys in my version of the swing era, just to see how pretty they look.

Many, many thanks to danceswithgary for beta duty, and the beautiful cover!

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Stupid LJ! What's up with comments now? Grrr! I'd kick you in the soft parts if you had any.

oh gosh--I am a horrible BITCH today. I feel all mean and cranky and snarly and evil. I want to kick everything. Horrible day. Horrible me.

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I'm trying not to rush the story along, but omgosh, I can't wait to get Lex and Clark together in this story and when I do, it'll be nothing but sex sex sex all the time. At least that's what's popping up in my head. Little vignettes of porn...*happysigh*. I am having a problem, though. These other characters keep popping up, insisting on cameos--some of them are pretty funny, too!

PS: my comments are starting to come home, like directionally challenged pigeons flapping in to roost.