March 16th, 2008


shallow, tsk!.

I'm watching Cursed and feeling pretty shallow because I'm only watching it for the glimpses of Mikey looking pretty damn hot.

Sly Stallone's clone is in it too. Not bad but he's got that face that makes me want to slap it. Some boys do that to me--it doesn't mean I don't like them. :)

The Case of the Procrastinating Story Teller

Can a gun really fire silver bullets? What does a disemboweled body smell like? It's been an interesting evening. Looking up stuff for a story I'm playing with has taken me from Wu-Tang to the Home&Garden channel. Is it any wonder that writing takes me aaaaaaall day long? I mean, if the action in your story takes place in a bathroom, do you look up what is the most popular flooring material at the moment? Is this research or noodling? That little scene in EOTS I wrote about Clark in the bathroom took forever. But I learned a lot about bathrooms back in the day, and I found out that full baths with tubs and showers and stuff were being built into homes a lot earlier than I thought. Fascinating no? Of course! Guess what I'm doing this very moment? Blathering so I don't have to write! Yes! I do that! All the time!

I *love* story-telling!