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(no subject)
I keep smelling matches--what does it mean? Isn't that the sign of a brain tumor, smelling odd things?

Ah-ha! I just figured out what it is. *smacks self* Never mind. *feels silly*

I remembered the clothing exchange challenge and I'm working on something weird with not enough porn which seems to be my thing lately. *sigh*

I use my icon with hopes it will attract the porn muses..

Happy Birthday, Cuz!
Happy Birthday to theclexfactor, who knows she's way up there on my list of honeybunnies. Love you sweetie, and hope that this is one great day! *HUGS*

what I am reading...
besides ya'll of course. I'm reading Fragile Things, by Neil Gaiman. It's excellent, I really like his work. It took me a bit ot warm up to him--what changed for me was that I slowed down reading, and paid a little more attention to how he was writing, not just how it made me feel. I've always been a very very fast reader, if the story didn't pull me into it immediately then I wasn't interested. But now, age has made me slow down in a lot of ways, and this is one of the good ways. Then again, maybe I pay more attention because now I'm telling my own stories. Whatevah--he's so good. Another great thing is that Mr. Roxy likes him also, so we read the books and talk about them. That's a very nice thing to do. :)

How Lex kills his dad.
See, what happens is, Lionel is all, "Clark is like the son I never had--and best of all it's okay to tap *that* ass, woo-hoo!!"

And Lex is all, "You fucker! I'm going to KICK *yours*--and godamnit, I've had dibs on his ass since he was fifteen! Pervert!" which Lionel snorts at because he knows all about the CoCK.

"Oh yeah well you snooze you loose. No one told you to marry Princess Psycho,"Lionel says, and there may be some hair-flipping there, because EVOL, "And guess what--if you tried to kick his ass you'd break your foot because his ass is made of STEEL!"

"Gasp! That toned...no, wait you mean--invulnerable? As in alien visitors from another planet?" lex looks kind of shocked and shifty at the same time. EVOL.

"IDIOT! HELLO? Kryptonian boy, words all over his barn, barfs around green shiny stones--yes, super-enhanced alien, geez. How dumb can you--erk!"

"Dad, do you know what defenestration means? Of course you do--ciao! Enrique, make that one for dinner...what do you mean he doesn't work here anymore...?"

eta: I blame it on this quote:It's so strange now, because everybody seems to know about Clark's secret. It's not a secret anymore. Chloe knows, Lana knows, and Lionel knows. Does Lex know? He's awfully stupid if he doesn't." John Glover.