March 20th, 2008


Who Would Roxy Do?

Let's see, drkcherry tagged me to do this 'what ten fictional characters would I sleep with' meme, and then I'm supposed to tag five folks to do the same. I think most folks are doing it all ready, so how about this—if you want me to know who you'd do, then let me know in comments, where I will either applaud your taste or laugh long and hard.

I list them here in no particular order

1) Han Solo—Star Wars
2) Lex Luthor--SV
3) Clark Kent--SV
4) Riddick—Pitch Black
5) Edward Weyland-The Vampire Tapestry
6) Wolverine—X-Men (comic version)
7) Carrot Ironfoundersson—Discworld
8) Inspector Vimes--Discworld
9) Edward—Anita Blake
10)Flash Gordon, but only Eric's version.

Look—they're almost all either psychos or sweeties. *G* Mind you, I'd be doing Dean the whole time I was doing the rest.