April 2nd, 2008


It's Wednesday!

Time for wednesday100!

Maybe we've grown out of it, maybe the new folks aren't into the idea of drabbles, but it's fun! Really! Imagine taking that great story idea you had, and mooshing it down into 100 words. Now that, my friend is discipline. I mean, I can't keep anything to a reasonable length. Hell, my grocery lists are two pages long, what with crossouts and add-ins and notes to myself.mayphoenix started off with Awakenings as a theme, so I'm going to follow through--justforspite wrote a terrific drabble too. Check it out and tell them what you think!

Hey Folks!!

Hi! Guess what? I feel light as a feather now that the Clothes Swap From Hell is all wrapped up! I'm being horribly lazy and reading my friends list and glancing every so often at the big pouting alien in the corner who seems to think I should be writing but ha! Scew him, he made me bleed my own blood trying to get his ass into the clothes swap thing.

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anyway that's how I ended up in Tom Cruise's hotel room, with a the Tub-O-Peanut Butter Flavored lube, and him screaming, 'yes god yes, from now on I'll tell the truth, spank me harder MizzRose' and even though he did steal Big Bertha, (the world's only gas-powered dildo)turn's out he's not so bad, he just needs a firm loving hand...now don't you wish you'd clicked on that cut?