April 10th, 2008


2 posts in one!

wednesday100, folks! There are some great drabbles waiting for you! I highly recommend stopping by. I have a little something there myself*koffkoff* which should let you know that the Wed100 isn't exclusive by any means. *G* Go, look, write!

So, I'm watching my crack show, Flash Gordon, on the Sci-Fi channel *SPIT*, and I learn to my great dismay that they're not renewing it. *SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH* I love that show. I *LOVE* Eric. He's so funny, I mean, *so* funny, and goddamn that boy is fine. I'll miss it horribly. I'll miss Baylin, and Dale--I'd been so prepared to dislike both of them and ended up loving them. Dale is just what a female character should be--smart, funny, tough and gorgeous. Lois Lane *wishes* she was Dale. Sure the show was cheesy, Flash was born to cheesiness. But it was rip-snorting fun cheesy, and Eric made it....Brie!

I know, ya'll are looking at me like, MizzRose, wtf? All this over Flash Gordon? I make no excuses for my taste, la! I flaunt my lack at you!