April 16th, 2008


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I'm working on East of the Sun, and also reading The Arrangement, by bittermint her novel! It's very *very* good, an original work that uses the premise of her Clark/Lex/Chloe story that omg, I loved so much and this? Is even better!! I love the way she reworked the characters--I find them even more compelling now...not that I've told her this yet, geez, I'm talking to you guys about it first, hah! I'm just really enjoying it.

Insane Journal is down and I'm kind of upset because I was posting the SpN story I was working on there. Not that I've lost it, it just helps me to write it, seeing it posted. I don't know why. Plus, I like having another place to drop my stories.

Here's something very odd about me lately. I've been really backpedaling from writing the nasty stuff--why is that, I wonder? I feel like I used to write the nasty stuff...did I? Or am I mistaken? Have I always been a wuss? I mean, that Alex/Wade scene--I completely rewrote that and softened the whole thing. *grabs your lapels* OMG--am I getting weak in my old age? What's wrong with me???

I'm so behind and screwed up on my friends list, I have no idea which way to go and I know I lost updates. I'll just have to stalk you guys.

Also, I'm feeling much better. And I love you, you know who you are. *SHMOOCH* I do! I'm stopping here so I don't have to do an LJ cut. :)


last night, I dreamed that justabi came to spend the night at my house, and we had such a good time, laughing and talking about nothing much--just stuff. It was such a nice visit. I also dreamt about bittermint we were at lunch and talking about her book. I hardly ever dream about LJ concerns, or fandom in general. The dreams I remember having about fandom were the Russian dream I had about Clark and Lex, and that became Firebird, and the two times Mikey came to my house to take my sister out, one time in drag (Mikey, not my sister) Once I dreamt about an interactive sex manuel starring Jared and Jensen, that was *koff* interesting. I envy folks who have these wild erotic dreams about who they like. Dreams like that for me are few and far between...I had a weird one not too long ago, about Mr. Roxy, but mostly it was weird because it was about Mr. Roxy. I mean, sheesh, I see him everyday.

It was a pretty damn good one though....

As you can see, I'm still not at work. :)

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Ever do this thing where you comment in someone's journal and kind of lose it, praise-wise? Like maybe you might have gone just a weeee bit overboard? And they give you the LJ equivalent of backing off and surreptitiously checking out the exits? Pretty fucking embarrassing, isn't it?

Gosh, not that I've ever done anything like that. *koff* Not me, I'm made of cool.