April 27th, 2008


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I'm so sucky at keeping up with birthdays but I do want to catch up here and leap a little ahead, so as not to forget!

sabershadowkat, hope it was great birthday!!

tobywolf13 hey, happy birthday and THANK YOU! for the best challenge prompts ever! so much fun!!

yavannauk Happy birthday, happy birthday! May those fellows from SGA swoop down on you and become slaves to your bidding--you know, like sweep and wash dishes and do laundry....

elandrialore happy early birthday to someone who has made me blush and giggle and snivel. Thanks!!


My hookerClark fic turned all talky and introspective--I hate that shit. Plus, once again, Lex took over. What the fuck? And another little ficlet jumped into my head, also supposed to be PWP and is rapidly headed for a talkfest, but that one, I'm hacking away at until all I've got is the porn. Hmm? What's that? East of The Sun? I'm sorry, I can't heeeeear you.

What really makes me weep is my SpN fic. Ground to a halt it has. tabaqui fixed the wandering viewpoint and it went a lot better than I thought it was going to, so I'm happy there, and thanks! I just want to finish it before the show leaves the airwaves.

In personal news, I'm having some kind of bizarre insomnia--I think I'm trying to become nocturnal, but what with the job and all, it's not working out all that well. This is the hours cutting season at work, holy shit. Retail is taking a nosedive--even Wal-Mart's not immune. They've cut our hours to dick lately. My paycheck is not a paycheck, it's a coaster. This would be a fantastic time for my real parents, the King and Queen of Everything, to come forward and claim me finally. I could really use the allowance.