May 7th, 2008



So, last year, I started noodling around with a ficlit based on an m-preg I wrote a few years ago, I was trying to write it for a friend. *hangs head*. I was pawing through my SV File Of Mostly Dead Fic recently and took it out to look at--not too shabby. I know I said I would never do an m-preg again, and I won't because I don't have a lot to say about boys birthing babies. But I liked all the OCs in that story, and I wanted to write something featuring them. And I'm kind of playing around with the idea of an unfaithful Lex. He was soooooo damn faithful in those two stories...the yatz.

What do you think? Would Lex be unfaithful if he was in a relationship? If any of you read Ripley, would that Lex or Clark be unfaithful?

These are the deep thoughts I think at night....


So, the answers to my question ran fairly much as I thought. Cheating is not something we take lightly, I certainly don't. Most of you think that Lex would never cheat--I don't think he would either. But a well written story can sell me anything. As for ya'll pointed out, there are all these factors that make it possible, but not in any way that doesn't involve lots of self-recrimination.

Also, it seems I am a Big Meanie Head for considering cheating in the PossumVerse, and apparently, there's not enough non-con sex--I mean--Lucas.

When I'm done with my four hour stint of Working For The Man, I'll be back to answer all those comments! Thanks for your input!