May 9th, 2008



Why did they tease me with Wade...I mean Lorne...I meant Agent Garrity? *sob* was he on longer than the intro, because my tape showed me the intro, some Bela bashing and previews and that was IT!!! *gaaaaaah--bastard!* I'm over in the kitchen making egg salad with a pure heart and a song on my lips, 'cause I is taping, yes!

I give up, TechnoGods. I hear the message you're trying to send me. VCR is bad.

SV fic post: East of the Sun part 29

Title: East of the Sun

Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Lex/quite a few people, eventually clex of course

Word Count:1625

Summary: Lex learns about trust and love from an unlikely source.
Notes/Warnings: my version of the swing era. Sure, it's weird—it's me!

Many, many thanks to danceswithgary expert hand holder, brilliant beta and super patient person.

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