May 13th, 2008


mother's day

I signed up for a challenge but I can't remember what it was. Crapo.

Mother's Day was lovely! I hope it was for all the other mothers. I got a ridiculous amount of chocolate--all the gooood stuff too! I have the best children in the world! I got Doomsday and I got JL:New Frontier and I got a Batman lunchbox and the coolest stickers in the world, Bats and Supes. What's really sweet about it is I got the stickers from my cuz, who knows that they're a couple in my mind, but just rolls her eyes and goes along with it. Family. They have to love you. *g* Also, special days are the only days BG tolerates my affection for putting the superheroes and whatnot into clinches. She knows damn well what I'm thinking as I clutch my movie to my ample bosom--"I'm gonna watch this and then--make stories about the superhero assex! wooo-hooo!" I don't say that part out loud. The children are golden though. They made my day absolutely wonderful!

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Mr. Roxy was also wonderful—I swear, that man is a saint—when he's not being a pain in my hindparts. I have to say, I *loved* my mother's day gift from him. *happysiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* He's a sweetie!

all done!

I've perused my flist--commented on those LJs I comment on, lurked heavily on those LJs I lurk on. (oh, so many!) I completely understand the lurkers, so when someone decloaks to drop a comment in my LJ, it makes me very happy. *bg*

I've worked on EOtS, and I'm feeling pretty good about what I have, I've reworked HookerClark into something completely different--Bruce and Lex seem happy about that. *G* I'm trimming the angst out of ComingNoTitle--geez--what the fuck is it with me? How do I take a funny story and add angst? *whacks self*

I've been reading here and there, SV and SpN--danceswithgary made me read SGA. *pout* It was really hot though....

I'm restraining myself from grabbing collars and screaming "fucking update already", but I name no names or fandoms.(I want this to be a general all-purpose cloud of guilt. *smiles benign smile, full of motherly love* But you know damn well who you are...*eyeballs*