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There's a line through her journal--does anyone know what's up?

My day
BG and I took my cousin out to lunch for her birthday. It was a doubly nice day, because the daughter and I got to do a little shopping together. It was very relaxing--and I bought myself a little book on grammar. I think if I hold all these books against my forehead, eventually the info within will sink into my brain.

My poor cuz is so stressed--life's been hard for her lately, what with being the only one to deal with her sis (who has cancer), her insane niece, her dad who bounces between doing pretty good and doing...a little nuts, but that's between you and me--the man is 87, it's good he's breathing, you know? Her brother moved home to help--lord. He's an odd man. A very odd man in the way that 'odd' means 'dick'. And yet, just about every woman I've seen him with was a, well, let's just say, ball-eater...hunh. Tchah--look at me, airing our smudgy linen in public.

Anyhoo, I wanted today to be very nice for her, and I think it was. The place we took her to lunch is adorable, quaint as can be--it has this shabby-chic tearoom look. I'm glad we went there even if I'll be poor as a bitch for the next week...but hey, it was worth the look on her little face. Plus, I think she liked her present. For the past two years, this bitch has been trying to walk out of my house with this bowl I bought myself as a present a few years ago--I even posted here about the damn thing, it was so cute. She kept telling me I had to give it to her so I finally wrapped the fucker up and gave it to her. Such squeeing! So bloody worth it. *g*

So there you have it, a completely boring post about my day that—oh, wait, I forgot to say, I looked cute as a bug. *beams* I even dressed like a girl and both cuz and BG were very pleased with me. Go roxy!

In LJ type stuff, I'm doing my best to make the porny bits of Coming Soon porny. God, why, why must porn be so hard to write? I'm always complaining about that, aren't I? But really, the more you write, the harder it gets(oh shut up you know what i mean). I have more thinky thoughts on this but I'll get to that later, right now, I better go back to trying to make Whit come. *sigh*