May 28th, 2008



Yeah, parts of the floor are buckling, but I'm not going to cry about it. If it stays as it is now, it won't be so terribly expensive to fix, I hope, and we have some extra planks left from the install. I'm so determined not to whine about it. Happy stuff--I got a haircut and that made me feel better, took some money out of the bank I probably (definitely) shouldn't have, but heck. I'm getting new rugs for the kitchen because that will make me happy too. Tomorrow, I have to go to work, and I will carry on something horrible and suck up lots of pity hugs. And maybe even burst into tears for a free cup of coffee. What? Coffee's gone up by 30 cents--don't look at me like that. We do what we have to.

I'm reading MTS, I'm writing slow motion on my various fics and working on the ideas I got the other day, thanks ladies!

Oh, I was so upset I forgot to mention, if you've seen Iron Man, you know how lovely Jim Rhodes was, you saw the fondness they have for each other? Well, so did dancinbutterfly she wrote an *incredibly* lovely story about the two in younger days, Extraordinary, pre-slash, does that make it gen? Oh, it's so very good! You should read it!

Speaking of gen fic, I've gotten a terrible bug for reading gen SpN lately! I know--I put it down to my recent trauma...*tears fill eyes, lip be all wibbly---one single tear runs over plump, barely wrinkled cheek...* Gosh...gosh I...think I'd feel better with a smidge of caffeine in me. *sniff*

Ah? Ah?