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(no subject)
Gardening was canceled halfway through when we realized bees were swarming in our back yard. Yup. Next week, locusts.

always something interesting at the Rose manse. So instead, I decided to rearrange my nieces room which I have stolen to use as an office and put together a bookcase I bought a while ago. Did you know that you can drink lots and lots of water and still feel like you're dying of heat. I mean...water! *shudder*

I feel asleep for a long time, and Mr. Roxy woke me, to tell me that BG's air-conditioner had died, and he was off to buy a new one. I burst into tears, because I felt no way did I deserve such a wonderful man, who was going to brave the heat so his baby wouldn't be all sweaty, and I was just laying on the couch sleeping...crycrycry. Yeah. I've been a little nuts all month...so, from whacking him, to loving him like a loon. (and i stress loon)

So--on to catch up on comments and thanks a million for the lovely comments on EOtS! Wow, you guys make me so happy! Hey, speaking of comments, are there a lot of lurkers out there, or are folks not reading? There have been some really excellent fics updated lately and I've noticed commenting is kind of slow...is it the summer, you think? I've been lurkery myself (that loony thing)but I've just noticed a lack of comments on things I thought would definitely have tons of response.

SV fic post: Unleashed part 1 of 2
Title: Unleashed
Fandom: SV
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: R
Summary: myownghost wondered if there was anything more to say about Clark's character in The Dog, and epeters wondered if a reconciliation between Clark and his parents was possible. I thought, yeah, I think so.

part oneCollapse )

part two