June 26th, 2008


state of the story

East of The Sun will be popping up in this space soon! I managed to rewrite what I lost, and I think it's a little better even. I hope.

yo know, I like my default icon so much, I might keep it forever--or at least as long as I have this journal--which is paid up to a bazillion years! The continents will sink into the seas, the sky will be black and filled with stars and empty of air, but my journal will live on, with all its little paid features. You'll be able to see it from space, I'm pretty sure.

Plus I have one million userpics, did you know that? It's true. I checked. One *million* icons. Well, maybe not quite that many but close. Today I snagged a bunch of pretty SV icons, and recently sucked up some lovely SpN ones and I'm craving more Dean. speaking of that--at eh moment, we have Dean instead of Thomas as the desktop.

And hey, if you're still reading this, who do you think would look hotter together--Dean/Lex or Dean/Clark? (and not meaning any slight to Sam, it's just I can't picture him with either of them) I'd do that poll thing but hey, I just recently figured out how to do filters after 4 years on LJ. One step at a time, I don't want to go off all willy-nilly.