June 29th, 2008


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omg, I'm just completely fucking exhausted. Did you know that when you're my age, it makes you really tired to move furniture and stuff? Even little stuff like books and dishes and bathroom stuff. 'Cause I let those guys do the heavy lifting. We only had one other person help, and that was the incredibly handsome young man who is a friend of BG's. My stars, sooo gorgeous. She insists he's gay, but I didn't think so. Mind you, I have no gaydar and it perplexes me as I seem to be the only one in the whole country without it. I have to admit, he did give her one of the oddest hugs I've ever seen any man give a woman when he left us. She was kind of sweaty, though....

She's moved to Trenton, and when she tells people this, they all get the same look of abject horror, as if she was moving to Camden (this is only funny if you're from NJ). She was complaining that folks were asking if she was crazy, moving into the hood. The young man said, "Tchah! You're not moving into the hood--the hood's four blocks from here."

Well. That's a relief.

Anyway, I'm hurting and alone. It's so sad. I feel like I lost something. On one hand, I'm sososo sad she's moved out, on the other hand, I'm afraid she's going to move back home after the year, and we'll have to do it again...that was my parting advice to her. Head's up, be careful, and don't move back home.

My niece is moving this month too, from one apartment to another. That's going to be even rougher, in terms of working our asses off. I'm praying she's going to get a friend to help us move--I'm hoping like hell it's not some place on the fifth floor up narrow stairs...pray with me people!

In fannish news...*G* Clark is being remarkably cooperative. That's a blessing. You know, I meant this East of story to be it. That's kind of why I was/am writing those endings to other fic. I started this story with the idea in mind that I was done but...maybe not so much. ;)