July 1st, 2008


*happy sigh* I am a Babble Lonian

Don't you love it when you suddenly have a little unexpected money? It's fun--you get to do little things for folks you usually can't do. *beams* Yeah. it's nice. Of course, I'm broke again. I took BG to WalMart and went a little nuts, but when you move into a new place you need stuff. And boy, did she need stuff. This apartment? Has no drawers for silverware in the kitchen. I know! How the fuck can you have no drawers for silverware or tools? Anyhoo, we bought stuff, and I ended up giving her the DVD player I bought myself a little bit ago. Oy. When it comes to my child, I have very few stops.

The dog knows he's alone now. He's kind of moping around. Poor dog. I told him the sweet gig is up now. No more ickle baby puppy--he has to deal with me. We eyeball each other like cold war spies...he knows not to annoy me. I explained to him all about THE FARM. Yeah. He knows what that means...that's why he's lying on the top stair in the dark right now. We loves him, we does.

Anyone interested in a clark/whit story? God help me....