July 2nd, 2008


This is why I can never leave you....

I'm working on bringing you the porn. Yes, I'm working hard on that. Also I'm creeping closer and closer to the end of East but my heart won't let me kill Wade, my beloved, poor little Wade. Ah well. He must pay for the suffering he's caused. *sniff*

Also...I've got a bit of that Whit/clark story going. But it's turned into Whit/Jason and Clark on the side. And Jason is a big old creep. But not as creepy as Wade, or other creepy guys.

(no subject)

Were we doing this a few days ago? Anyway, this is what I see when I sit down to pornificate.

eta:I realize now, this is a manip, and like a dork, I have no idea where I got it from. I do know there was no credit attached. If anyone recognizes who did it, let me know so that I can properly credit it. I *hate* when stuff like that happens. :(

I confess

catchy title, no? Sadly, my confessions are the confessions of a woman over fifty--not very pretty to imagine. Isn't it sad?

I confess this--I'm lazy. I can't corral all these little words and whip them into a coherent story. If only you all could come over, then we could camp out in the living room and I could tell you the rest of the story. It'd be so much fun. We'd each pick a character and we could act out the story. One of you would have to learn how to fly though...or we could just pick one person to wing out the window and call them Clark...what? Was I speaking? I said nothing!

I have a smidge of story to post and then...oy.