July 10th, 2008



I think this time I'm really back--finally! Now to catch up on ya'll and answer comments!


I'm at skip two bazillion--I'll never catch up, you guys!

Say, remember that story about Clark working a summer job landscaping, along with some other SV peeps that I've ripped out of their canon timelines, de-aged and completely altered their stories to fit *my* story, thus rendering them total and screaming OCs? Plus some real OCs tossed in the mix? And how SV is pretty much Magic Gay Town, only Lana is still kind of wandering around on the edges, mostly because I'm conflicted in my feelings toward her, sort of vacillating between bashing her and wanting her to be my best girlfriend? Did I mention this before?

Yeah, well, I got bored waiting for the internet to come back....