July 13th, 2008


true fact!

It's me again, senselessly blabbing! Blabbing about my stories, blabbing about how happy I am BG is coming home tomorrow, and how good the weekend was! I managed to redo BG's room on the cheap--it looks great and all I had to do was rearrange furniture and steal from other rooms! Well, I had to buy a bed, but I got a way cheap one from Ikea, and the room looks much more expensive than it is. *beams* I feel like I found my lost decorating mojo. Mojo...*snorfle*. That's a funny word...like refrigerator. And aluminum.

Story wise, I have about 3000 words on EOTS just chillin', and 11000 words on Clark's Big Summer. Yay! Sadly, only 10000 on SpN Meets AtS. But hey, can't nobody title like me, ya'll!

Okay, *grooms whiskers, squiggles nose* now, somebody make me post!