July 16th, 2008



So, apparently, I'm only getting connected at the asscrack of dawn. I haven't been on since last night when we lost connection, which we only got back a half hour ago--bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

I've been having HUGE SpN withdrawal! *cries* Plus, please God, if you updated--anything--please let me know! I'd be so grateful, plus it'd be so nice to see what all my beautiful friends are doing! And you are beautiful--I know without a doubt I have the most beautiful friends list in the world, because I've seen pictures!

In real world stuff, we've had not so good news from Mr. Roxy's brother. And earlier in the week, I got not so good news about my sister but that's been resolved and all is well and my Beloved Niece is in California. *sigh* But on the up side...hmm. Thinking. :)