July 18th, 2008


oh dear..ramble du jour

SpN really likes the non-con/hooker fic, hunh? And why do so many people make Jensen (the RPS character) into a damaged little monkey? Does he ping you like that? It's so weird, I don't get that at all. I see him being sort of sensitive under all that dickiness, but not delicate. Or romantic. Though I guess I do the same thing with Lex don't I, and lots of folks probably see that as OOC. To me though, Lex *is* delicate. He's like this huge balancing act, a giant teetering stack of behaviors and justifications and lies that let him survive. I absolutely believe that he believes he's doing the right thing, that he's the hero, and other people see him as the villain because they have no vision. Poor little thing...now there's a woobie for you.

I love you Lex Luthor--I want to bear your children!

*whispers* also, I think I'm back for good now...


Ya'll know how I feel about the Joker, right? You know that Joker/Batman is one of my various OTPs. Not that there is any kissy face involved because that would be ew. but I love Joker, goodness yes. I didn't like any TV incarnation of the Joker except The Batman's first season. That was a damn good Joker. Brilliant voice work by Kevin Micheal Richardson.

All other Jokers suck, though mind you, I haven't seen any other animated versions. But again--suck. Except Heath Ledgers' version. That's my Joker, right there. Beautiful performance. Just wow. So, yeah, I saw the movie tonight and it was good, but man. That guy blew me away.