July 23rd, 2008



So, instead of writing, I've spent the better part of the day reading a honking big ole story that most of the time has me scratching my head going, "Oh? really? Hunh." And I just can't stop. Somebody, make me stop.

Man, I hope folks aren't looking over my shoulder going, what teh efff? on what planet do the boys act like that? But no, seriously you guys, I have a reason for why they act like they do in every story I write, really. Well, except for Whit. And Wade. And I like to think I've just made Pete a little more interesting. Also, I declare Lucas is totally in character, no matter what I have him do. Lana, I've gone both ways, good and bad, but the most fun I had was writing her as Pete's girlfriend in BOS.

Ah, the telling of a story...s'mores and campfires, broken hearts and bloody hooks...I love everything about it!

nobody expects...the Spamquisition

Last night, I was wishing there was a way I could search my entries for a certain character that I like to write the same way no matter what the story. I wanted to be sure that I was keeping to the characterization I'd chosen for them ( my earlier post).
roxy, I said, it would be wonderful if you could just type in their name, and the entry would then magically appear. Yes, roxy replied. Kind of like that tag feature.

Tag feature?

You know the one.

Ah. That one. Say, isn't that your bus?

This children, is what we call Techno-Booby.