July 29th, 2008


SV fic post: East of the Sun part 45

Title: East of the Sun
Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Lex/Clark
Word Count:2403
Summary: Lex learns about trust and love from an unlikely source.
Notes/Warnings: AU, so very AU

Fair warning, dear readers—the mistakes here are all my own. Thanks to danceswithgary for her encouragement and of course, the lovely cover!

Hey, I'm as surprised as you are! It kind of popped up whilst I was silently cursing at the shoppers at The Job...also, I am an asshole who forgot to answer comments--will do that soonest! HUGS. I love you guys!

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sv fic post: How I Spent My Summer Vacation part six

Title: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Fandom: SV
Pairing: Clark/ Whit, Jason/Whit
Rating: R
Summary: All about what Clark learns on his summer job.

I promise, this one is not going to be a year long never-ending WIP. I'm pretty sure.

The previous parts are here, writing a tell-all that's gonna name names, you bet. First chapter features Chaim B. Mousenamel, a semi-well known genre actor…

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