July 30th, 2008


Old Blue Eyes

I have big bits of a story to cut and rewrite. Sometimes you don't notice how wrong a story is going until you read someone else's. I was reading a story tonight--a very good one, very different--and even though it had nothing in common with the fic I'm working on, I had this light bulb moment reading it. I was admiring the way the writer introduced us to the characters in a particular scene when suddenly a scene I've been having trouble with popped into my head and I knew, it had to die. Too much, too soon, wrong actions for the character. It's interesting, but not my guy. So--poop. I have some hacking away to do.

And don't ask what it was--I am like a clam. Or maybe a scallop. Aren't they the ones with the hundreds of little blue eyes? Not that I have blue eyes. Or hundreds of little eyeballs either. Ew. Bet I wouldn't have to wait in any lines if I did though. I'd just blink and blink and blink and blink and blink and blink and...Well, you get my drift. Folks would leap out of my way. But I would only use the power of my teeny, tiny eyeballs for good. I would be Teeny Tiny Blue Eyeball Woman. With a bright blue uniform, and lots and lots of itty bitty sunglasses--bedtime? Is it that late all ready? Well, okay....

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