August 17th, 2008



I read like a crazed woman, did my best to catch up on everyone but I know I missed a few updates! My online time is so limited, oy! I started reading an SpN story that almost melted my brain, good god all mighty. I had to stop before I finished it--just wasn't right, not being at home all private like, and able to blush freely.

Say, stop making me blush--you know who I mean. Baby Winchesters in lust--my lord. Evil, evil I tell you. *rubs little paws together in glee*

I've had to make my own mental fun lately, so I've been telling myself one of the SpN stories I gave up writing. Gosh. I really like this one too. I might have to try and write it down after I finish East and Summer Vaca. But even if I don't it's still a lot of fun to tell, even if it's only to me.

Good night, everyone! See you pretty soon! If I didn't comment on something new, I didn't get a chance to catch it--will do soon! *cries 'cause flist'll be at skip two bazillion*