August 18th, 2008


It's me again!

Hihihi! For someone with no internet access, don't I be here a lot? Guess what?????? I'm officially 54! After a year of saying so, I finally am! Also--I found something out about myself I didn't know. I *really* like goat cheese. I mean hokey smokes! Goat cheese is delicious, and also, I can eat it with no problem. Have I told you I was lactose-intolerant before? Gosh yes, it's awful! No ice-cream, no cheese, no cheese cake, no lots of stuff that makes life worth living...*sniffs quietly, stiffens that upper lip, brave little soldier*

See? When I stop writing fic, all my posts will be about this. The state of my bowels, and the condition of my house. Who's going to stick around for that, hunh? I know!