August 25th, 2008


EEeeeee!! Thank you, thank you!

Penguin!! I *love* heeeem!!

Thank you so much mysterious person, thank you for gifting me! I promise, when I win the election, you'll be by my side, and not only that, you get to do the royal wave. At the wrist, so as not to exhaust yourself....



i pour my heart out to you

You ever read other folks posts and wish that you could be as excited about a fandom as they are?

I have the cramps, lord have mercy. Why come there are hot flashes and weird hormonal storms and STILL I have to deal with this monthly Nature's Practical Joke?

Collapse )So, come on, friends--rec me some really heart-breaking and nasty SpN! I'm in the mood for it--or some J2. Mmmm! With meringue!