September 2nd, 2008


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oh, my people, Yer Mother had one hell of a terrible weekend. It was a weekend full of my body deciding to revolt, and my mind deciding to jump on the train with it. I managed to screw up everything, including my niece's Belated Birthday dinner. It was without a doubt, one of the worst couple of days I've had in a long time. Thank God, the people who live with me are odd but tolerant and really very, very loving. Without them, I'd be wandering the streets, I'm sure. Well, maybe not because that would involve a lot of walking and I'm not one for exercise.

I will answer comments, and I'm about to go see what you guys did yesterday and I'm hoping to feel better enough soon to leave the house and go get My Boys...wish me luck! ;)


I *knew* it! Went to the doc's this afternoon and I'm fine, so it's all in my head, just as I thought--or mostly in my head anyway. *pout* Crazycakes. Anyhoo, what really pisses me off is that I didn't get My Boys--*cries* I wanted to watch the shows tonight. Oh well, I guess it will give me a reason to actually get up and go to work tomorrow.

*more pouting*

Well, I guess I am kind of forgetting that I got good news from the doctor...heh. Spoiled much? *G*