September 7th, 2008



Accomplished why? Because after a bazillion years, I finally fixed a part that was screwed up in Mariposa, a mistake that petit_rhino had pointed out and for some oddball reason I never fixed. I sure thought I had. Hunh. *scritches head*

I also decided on writing a threesome in Summer Vacation because, well, some folks wanted it and yeah, I started to want it too. What do you think? Tell me in comments, I'm curious to know. Does it make a difference if it's Greg, Roger and the poolguy? Just asking...

Changed my mind! *ducks and runs*


Feel that? That's the feeling of relaaaaaaxation! I wrote myself into a corner in How I Spent My Summer Vacation, because I got caught up in my own, how you say...pervy-old-ladiness. But now I see the light! Good-bye threesome, we'll miss you terribly. *wioes eyes* And cutting the threesome means cutting the Jason/Clark. Maybe there will be outtakes. Anyway, I think that will put me back on track--so ready yourself for some relentless schmoop, romance, and boyparts. *G*

Isn't it nice how I share this creative process with you? Yeah. 'Cause I'm the nicest there is ;).