September 9th, 2008


I'm sorry!

Those of you waiting for the story--oy! I'm so sorry it's taking this long, but I really went off the tracks with East, and right now I'm trying to wrestle that motherfucker back in line. I am hacking away at that one and Summer Story. What's horrible is I have the outline, the notes, the dialog, and it's still going all wonky and weird. No more than a couple of days I'm hoping, and then the finish of EOTS and pretty much Summer Vacation should be done, unless something else really weird pops up. And matter where I go with him it doesn't end up happy. *sigh* I think I'll just let it be, because every time I try for happy, it just gets more and more fucked up. But isn't that true of life too, my shnoogie-woogumses? Hmmm? Yes, yes it is.