September 23rd, 2008



YaY, I'm done! Summer Vacation is done! That's really fast for me--even East was finished pretty darn fast-for me. *G* Look for posted bits soon!

Now, I just have to work up the courage to ask danceswithgary (hint hint)to help me get a shit load of fic ready to post at SSA. I have stories going back to 2006 that need to be archived. What I really should be asking is which of these fics I should even bother with archiving and which are fine just to chill here. Most of my memories and tags are cleaned up and up to date so that's not a problem. I also plan on a fic journal, and posting all the finished stuff there, starting from the beginning, lo those many years ago. *G*

Looking over all this stuff, I think my favorite stories of my own are The Dog, Strange Boys, and Out Of A Foreign Land. I have bits and pieces of other stories that I like but those are really my favorite. Hey writers--what are your own favorite stories? I'm curious! Or nosy. *G*