October 1st, 2008



So this Fringe show is starting to grow on me, can you believe it? Honestly--it sucks. So far it hasn't touched on anything that other shows haven't done better. It's very much X-files lite, only less filling. But! Walter. Goodness, it's not that often I instantly fall for a character, but I love this one. John Noble plays this guy perfectly. He's a joy to watch. Also that guy from Dawson's Creek does a terrific job. Acting wise, he's very likable. So far the FBI agent, Olivia...well goodness, there's a character I wanted to like--she's very attractive and. She's very attractive.

Anyhoo, the real reason I watched the show was because of Mark Valley. I loved him in Keen Eddie. This...mm. Well, he is dead, so maybe that accounts for his acting.

All you folks who met Mikey and posted pics--thanks a million! I love that boy with hair just as much as I love him bald. Such a cutey!